Persons who believe they have been targets of harassment or related retaliation should report the incident(s) immediately to appropriate administrative officials. Delay in reporting to these university officials makes it more difficult to investigate fairly and adequately the incident and may contribute to the repetition of offensive behavior.

  • Complaints of harassment against faculty, staff, graduate assistants, or undergraduate student employees should be directed to the designated Harassment Resource Person in their department, school or college or in the department, school or college in which the alleged offender is employed. The name and location of the designated Harassment Resource Person can be obtained online from the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs website or from the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs.
  • Complaints of harassment against students should be addressed to the Student Affairs designated Harassment Resource Person(s).

If you wish to report harassment, please view the UA UACT website.

If you are in a crisis, have an emergency, and/or need immediate assistance, please contact The University of Alabama Police Department (UAPD) at 205-348-5454.

You may report incidents via The University of Alabama System Hotline.