Dr. Lizzie Smith (she/her pronouns) is the inaugural director of the UA Safe Zone Resource Center. Meet Dr. Smith at the Safe Zone Open House, Monday, Oct. 25, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. in the Safe Zone Student Lounge, 2418 Student Center. Read more about Dr. Smith.

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The Safe Zone Resource Center promotes equity and inclusion for LGBTQIA+ individuals at The University of Alabama.

The Center provides educational outreach, community support and crisis intervention resources for LGBTQIA+ members of The University of Alabama community and their allies. We offer help connecting people at UA to inclusive resources, provide training on LGBTQIA+ topics for UA students, faculty and staff, facilitate LGBTQIA+ community building programs on campus, and work to advocate LGBTQIA+ interests at UA.

The primary goal of the Safe Zone Resource Center is to foster a University climate where every individual is treated with dignity and respect by:

  • educating the UA community about LGBTQIA+ identified persons and their experiences;
  • promoting safe environments that are respectful of all identities;
  • advocating for support of LGBTQIA+ identified persons; and
  • providing services and resources to UA’s LGBTQIA+ community.