Chinese New Year 2024: The Year of the Dragon

Feb. 10, 2024, begins Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year, one of the most important celebrations in East and Southeast Asian cultures. The event is filled with family reunions, visits to family and friends, food and gifts over several days.

Among the traditions of Chinese/Lunar New Year are having a clean house, which is seen as sweeping away the old and preparing for a new start. Food is also big part of the festival, and common foods are dumplings, fish, egg rolls and spring rolls. These represent luck and prosperity. The color red, fireworks and dragons also are seen at Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year.

Di Luo
Dr. Di Luo

UA faculty member Dr. Di Luo, associate professor of history, presented the information below as part UA’s Diversity, Coffee and Conversations monthly series focusing on creating awareness and understanding of various commemorative months and cultural celebrations. Dr. Luo’s research area is Asian history and her research interests include modern Chinese history, history of everyday life in 20th century China, history of information management, comparative literacy studies, and war and society. She currently is working on a digital project on the history of the Asian community at UA and in Tuscaloosa.

In addition to information about Chinese New Year and traditional Chinese customs, Dr. Luo shared a link to a recipe and video for chicken dumplings.

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