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UA Integration Anniversary

The first sustained enrollment of African-American students — Vivian J. Malone and James A. Hood — was achieved when the two enrolled on June 11.

Through the Doors
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| Advancing Accessibility in Technology

The University has launched an accessibility initiative to provide our technology users, including those with disabilities, a functional and accessible technology experience with our web presence and our instructional and emerging technologies.

UA's Dedication to Accessibility
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| Moving Forward Together

The University of Alabama has adopted an Action Plan to enhance the University’s ability to prevent and respond to discrimination based on race or national origin, characteristics that are protected by federal civil rights laws, and to further the University’s progress in increasing diversity in its fraternity and sorority system.

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Yea, Alabama! – I Am Alabama Program

Wed 8/21, 4:00 pm
Ballroom & Heritage Room Ferguson Student Center



International Coffee Hour

Fri 8/23, 11:30 am
121 B.B. Comer Hall



Yea, Alabama! – Onyx

Fri 8/23, 7:00 pm
Ferguson Student Center



Yea, Alabama! – BFSA Welcome Reception

Mon 8/26, 4:00 pm
Great Hall Ferguson Student Center

Quick Facts on UA's Diversity

Goal 3 of UA's Strategic Plan is dedicated to enriching UA's learning and work environment by providing an accepting, inclusive community that attracts and supports a diverse faculty, staff and student body. Here are some quick facts on how UA's meeting this goal.

Diversity Initiatives

UA has produced 1,695 active diversity efforts in the last 5 years.

Student Organizations

UA has over 70 different student organizations which have diversity and inclusion as a focus.


Fall 2017 had an enrollment of 7,639 minority students (19.8% of total enrollment).

Diversity-Related Courses

Over one-third of UA's undergraduate curriculum (36%, 1083 courses) is diversity-related.

Dr. Taylor giving a talk at a meeting.

| Dr. G. Christine Taylor

 Vice President and Associate Provost   Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Dr. G. Christine Taylor joined The University of Alabama as vice president and associate provost for diversity, equity and inclusion in August. In this role, Taylor provides leadership for the University to build on its core principles of inclusiveness in learning environments, programs, workforce and strategic partnerships.

Announcement Q & A with Dr. Taylor