Action Steps for Women’s History Month

The following information is provided by the UA Women and Gender Resource Center

ATTEND: Attend WGRC events. The center does social justice-oriented programming every month. However, March/Women’s History Month is the center’s signature month. View the WGRC Women’s History calendar of events.

SIGN UP: Sign up for the WGRC newsletter to stay up to date on the center’s events.

FOLLOW: Follow WGRC on social media: Instagram @uawgrc and Facebook at

ENGAGE: Engage with women’s history every day. There’s a famous saying, adapted from author Virginia Woolf: Throughout much of history, “Anonymous” has been a woman. Do your part to discover the margins where women, especially queer, Black, indigenous, and other women of color, have been pushed.

  • Follow social media accounts that share women’s history, such as Instagram accounts @womenshistory and @blackwomenradicals.
  • Read books written by and about women. Women and Gender Resource Center hosts the EveryWoman Book Club, a group that reads books every month that focus on women and women’s stories. Sign up by emailing Elizabeth Lester at to join. Also, take advantage of a huge selection of women-oriented texts available at the Frances S. Summersell Library, located in the Women and Gender Resource Center.
  • Watch films made by and about women. The Kanopy Film Archive is available to all staff, students and faculty at The University of Alabama and has a large selection of films about the diverse experiences of women. Kanopy is an on-demand video streaming service that works directly with education and works directly with filmmakers and film distribution companies to offer award-winning collections.

Additional Resources

National Women’s History Month Alliance

Women’s History Museum online exhibit

Highlights in the History of Military Women

United Nations’ Interactive Timeline: Women of the World, Unite!

The UN’s featured “Twelve Small Action Steps for Generation Equality”

History Channel’s “Influential Women” featuring speeches by women throughout history

Women’s Speeches Bank (organized by topic)

Archives of Women’s Political Communication (curated by Iowa State University)

Women’s history on Audible (e.g., History’s Greatest Speeches: Women’s Voices – Vol. I, etc.), and Spotify various podcasts (i.e., “Speaking While Female,” etc.)