Task Force History

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Slavery and its Legacies at UA

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Hallowed Grounds and Dr. Hilary Green

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Race, Slavery, and Civil Rights Teach-Ins

The Half Has Not Been Told: The Study of Race, Slavery and Civil Rights is a series of teach-ins sponsored by the Faculty Task Force on Creating a Commission on Race, Slavery and Civil Rights at The University of Alabama.

The History of Slavery at UA – March 31, 2021

Panelists for this event:

  • Dr. Jenny Shaw, associate professor, UA Department of History
  • Rev. Dr. Thaddeus Steele, pastor of Hunter Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Tuscaloosa’s oldest Black congregation.
  • Dr. Joshua Rothman, professor and chair, UA Department of History

The conversation was moderated by Dr. G. Christine Taylor, vice president for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at The University of Alabama.

Watch the recording of the event here.

Focus on Civil Rights – February 17, 2021

Panelists, who shared their research and experiences, were:

  • Dr. Natalie Adams, professor, New College and the College of Education
  • Dr. Vincent Willis, assistant professor, New College and the UA Department of Gender and Race Studies
  • Dr. Charles Ray Nash, vice chancellor emeritus for Academic Affairs for The University of Alabama System

Related Events

What Would John Lewis Do? Vote! – October 26, 2020

This event featured a panel discussion covering evolution of voting in America, how the electoral college works, and media and election coverage.

Panelists for this event:

  • Dr. Ellen Griffith Spears, UA associate professor of American Studies
  • Dr. George Daniels, UA professor of journalism and creative media/former television news producer
  • Dr. John Giggie, UA professor of history/director of the Summersell Center for the Study of the South
  • Dr. Richard Fording, Marilyn Williams Elmore and John Durr Elmore Endowed Professor of Political Science at UA

Through the Doors

Through the Doors, 1963-2013: The University of Alabama commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door throughout 2013, with a series of activities and events designed to honor the desegregation of UA in June 1963; the courage and dedication of the two African American students who enrolled in the University on June 11, 1963; and the University’s ongoing commitment to change over the past 50 years and to continued progress in the next 50 years.