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Name Website Description Facebook Twitter
Name Website Description Facebook Twitter
African Students Association Visit “Objectives include fostering fraternal relationships through friendly and mutual
support among African students; bettering relationships and understanding among fellow
African students; and promoting greater understanding of African traditions.”
Alabama Students Without Borders “The purpose of Alabama Students Without Borders is to break down language/cultural
barriers and form relationships within the Tuscaloosa Latino community.”
Arabic Language and Culture Club Visit “The UA Arabic Language and Culture Club is dedicated to bringing together UA’s international
community from the Middle East and North Africa with students on campus studying Arabic
language, culture and anything in between.”
Asian American Student Association “Our mission is to be able to provide a social community and an environment for Asian
Americans at The University of Alabama.”
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars Visit “Our main purpose is to provide all Chinese students and scholars in Tuscaloosa the
necessary help. Through our efforts, we wish we can help all Chinese students and
scholars feel like living in a big family, provide them better learning environment
and build a better relationship between the U.S and China.”
Bangladesh Students Association Visit “The purpose is to establish a stronger Bangladeshi Community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
and to coordinate various activities of interest.”
Black Faculty and Staff Ambassadors Visit “The objective and purpose of Black Faculty and Staff Ambassadors is to create an
official student organization that is intended to further enhance the relationship
between the Black Faculty and Staff Association and the African-American student body.”
UA Black Law Students Association “BLSA’s primary purpose is to present the needs of minority students to the law school
administration and the University as a whole.”
Black Student Union Visit “The mission of BSU shall seek to establish and innovate perennial relationship opportunities
and experiences for minority students at The University of Alabama.”
Blend “Our mission is to increase dialogue among students, faculty and administration about
social issues to move forward as a community. Blend hopes to promote genuine intercultural
Dynamically Reversing Everything Around Me Visit “Our focus is on empowering youth (middle school to college) aged students to become
advocates in their communities, take on leadership positions and serve the local and
even world-wide community.”
Heart Touch (A program within Crossroads) Visit “The program is designed to empower college student volunteers and elementary students
to work and learn together through lectures and activities that enhance their cultural
UA Hispanic-Latino Association “Main focus is to unite students of Hispanic/Latino ethnic background and those who
have interest in Hispanic/Latino culture through activities that invoke cultural,
social, educational, and political awareness, while creating a representative voice
for the Hispanic/Latino campus community by identifying the issues of students on
campus and addressing these needs to the administration so that our students have
an inclusive, positive and engaging experience.”
Indian Student Association of Tuscaloosa Visit “It’s founding principles, amongst others, are to share the great cultures and traditions
of India with our American friends and teachers, guide future Indians arriving through
some of the strange and, at times, shocking changes that they might perceive, ensure
that Indian students do not get culturally lost in this land called the United States
of America and preserve a sense of being ‘at home’ and share a feeling of kinship.”
International Students Association – UA “ISA’s goal is to:
1. Give international students a voice on campus, assist their transition to UA and
enhance their UA experience.
2. Increase interaction between students from different countries and cultures, and
encourage international students’ involvement on campus.
3. Generate interest in and spread awareness about the cultural diversity at UA and
facilitate relationship building and communication across cultures, fostering a sense
of campus community between those of every race and creed.”
Italian Club “The purposes of this organization are to engage actively in Italian culture and heritage
and to honor the impact Italian-Americans have had the state of Alabama and the South.”
Japan-America Cultural Exchange Club Visit “JACEC seeks to provide UA students interested in Japan with unique educational and
social experiences centered around Japanese culture; To facilitate interaction between
UA students interested in Japan and Japanese UA students (including exchange students
and participants in short-term programs) ; To encourage scholarship on Japan; And
to introduce Japanese cultural items to the greater campus community.”
Jewish Law Students Association Visit “JLSA is dedicated to providing a wide variety of social, cultural and educational
programming for the entire student body. The group sponsors social events within the
law school and with other Alabama students, presents various speakers, sponsors academic
programs and provides professional networking opportunities. ”
Korean Student Association “The Korean Student Association has following purpose in its foundation:
To promote the common interests of the members
To demonstrate collectively the interests of the members toward the University of
Alabama and the community
To foster a better understanding of Korea and Korean culture within the University
and the community
To help new members to adjust to university life
To build rapports between present and past members of the Association.”
LIFe Visit “The purpose of our organization is to make international students and international
visiting scholars feel welcomed and at home at UA by reaching out to them and showing
them the love of God.”
Muslim Student Association Visit “The main purpose of the MSA shall be to introduce and to promote interest in all
aspects of life and culture of Islam and Muslim people and to serve the current and
prospective of all Muslim students, faculty and staffs studying/working at The University
of Alabama and to meet their various needs.“
National Association for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical
Visit “The purpose of this organization shall be to provide an academic and social support
structure for students in the sciences, specifically chemistry and chemical engineering.”
National Association of Black Accountants Visit “The mission of the National Association of Black Accountants (or NABA), Inc. is to
address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the
future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to
inspire the same in their successors.”
National Association of Hispanic Journalists Visit “The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is a national organization that
is committed to the advancement of Latinos and Spanish speakers in the media and communications
National Council of Negro Women Inc. Visit “Today, NCNW sponsors educational, economic, social and cultural projects nationally
and locally to achieve equality of opportunity. Additionally, NCNW strives to eliminate
prejudice and discrimination based upon race, creed, color, sex or national origin.”
National Society of Black Engineers Visit “For the past 43 years, the mission of NSBE has been to increase the number of culturally
responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively
impact the community.”
Russia and Eastern Europe Club Visit “The purpose of the Russian and Eastern Europe Club shall be:
To provide the students of the University of Alabama a forum in which to discuss the
facets of Slavic languages, most especially Russian
To provide the students of the University of Alabama a forum in which to discuss the
history, culture, and politics of the Eastern European peoples.”
The South Asian Society Visit “The South Asian Society proudly celebrates the cultural, religious and linguistic
diversity of south Asia and seeks to …raise awareness of south Asian cultures at
The University of Alabama.”
Turkish Student Association Visit “The purposes of this association are to promote interest in the history and development
of all the Turkish students studying at The University of Alabama and to serve them
by acting as an advocate for growth and positive change, developing a support system
within the community and increasing the awareness of Turkish student issues/needs
through partnerships and collaborations.”
Afro-American Gospel Choir “Our members all share a common enjoyment for ministry and serving God through song
and dance. We travel throughout the southeast representing The University of Alabama
as a recruitment resource and also representing our diverse communities as a form
of outreach.”
Alberta Baptist Church College Ministry Visit “Our desire at ABC is that every person in our church comes to know Christ as Savior,
follow this commitment with believer’s baptism and continue to grow in their relationship
with God.”
Anglican Student Fellowship Visit “The purpose of Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF) shall be to provide students at
The University of Alabama a warm and engaging fellowship in which Christian faith,
practice, spirituality, and worship can be explored through liturgy, prayer, mentoring,
study and service.”
Bama Catholic Student Ministry Visit “Bama Catholic is a ministry for all Catholic students enrolled at UA and open to
students of all faiths that are interested in joining. Our organization is based at
St. Francis Catholic Church and Student Center, 811 5th Ave. (on campus). “
Bama Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) Visit “Bama Cru exists at the University of Alabama to help students break through the cultural
barriers to see and experience the authentic Jesus.”
Baptist Campus Ministries Visit “We exist to REACH students with God’s plan (to have a personal and growing relationship
with Him), CONNECT students to local churches and our local churches to our campus
and STRENGTHEN collegiate ministry on campus and in our churches.”
Better Together (a program within Crossroads) “Better Together is a national movement of students that are bringing together people
of different religious and non-religious backgrounds to work together towards a common
Canterbury Chapel Student Forum Visit “Our mission at Canterbury Episcopal Chapel and Student Center is to show God’s love
through Christ by being a sanctuary and an accepting community for worship, spiritual
growth and compassionate service.”
Capstone Church College Ministry Visit “The purpose of this association is to grow the body of Christ and to equip young
men and women to live out the gospel in every part of their life with the intention
and purpose of growing the kingdom of God on the campus of the university.”
Chabad Jewish Student Group Visit “The primary purpose of Chabad Jewish Student Group is to provide living Judaism to
the students at UA within the framework of traditional Judaism.”
Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Visit “We are Christ’s Ambassadors or Christou apostoloi in Greek, which we abbreviate with
the first letters Chi Alpha (XA). We are a movement of students who are continually
being reconciled to Christ and who are on mission to reconcile others.”
College Talk Visit “The purpose of College Talk is to be a diverse group of Christian college students
who are committed to serving the collegiate community in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.”
Collegians for Christ Visit “To influence the college community for Jesus Christ by providing a ministry that
is characterized by integrity and excellence, one that is uniquely designed to meet
the needs of the educational staff and students.”
Crimson Secular Student Alliance “Crimson Secular Student Alliance is a student-led social group for UA’s free-thinking
and non-religious community. CSSA welcomes students who hold various perspectives
on faith and religion, but who have arrived at their beliefs through independent,
rational inquiry.”
Crossroad College Ministry “Crossroad is a spirit led ministry designed to empower and encourage college students
while discovering their identity in Christ.”
CURE Visit “We are a group of students that are passionate about the love of Christ. We will
work under the organization CURE, to raise money for children with curable diseases
in underdeveloped countries.”
First College Ministry Visit “The First Baptist College Ministry provides small-group Bible study, worship, fellowship,
service and mission opportunities for college students in our community, many who
are away from home for the first time.”
Hillel Foundation Visit “Hillel has been a welcoming home for Jewish students, their friends and those interested
in meeting new people. We strive to provide social, cultural and religious activities
so Jewish students have a place to connect and have fun.”
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Visit “InterVarsity longs to see education lead to a lifetime of Christian worship and service.
We believe that when students and faculty are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ,
their campus is transformed, and ultimately society as a whole comes to more closely
reflect the priorities of the kingdom of God.”
Latter-Day Saint Student Association Visit “The Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is established by the Tuscaloosa
Institute of Religion to help students attending a college or university have a balanced
secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education.”
Nurses Christian Fellowship Visit “The purposes of this association is to establish and advance at The University of
Alabama witnessing communities of students, faculty and other interested parties who
follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people
of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.”
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Visit “Our mission is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience
and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service
to others and study of the Faith.”
Pinky Promise Visit “Our mission is use Pinky Promise as a platform to bring women together in Christ.
We want to create places for the gathering of young women, all over campus, to encourage
each other, build each other up, pray for one another, and encourage them in their
Christian walk.”
Prayer, Scripture and Love Ministry Visit “The purpose of this organization is to promote Christian evangelism on the University
of Alabama campus and the county of Tuscaloosa at large.”
Ratio Christi Visit “We seek to fight blind faith by supporting and discussing the logical and rational
aspects of the Christian faith. We meet and watch various debates, read through books
on various tactics/arguments, and openly discuss our opinions on them.”
Reformed University Fellowship Visit “We exist to reach students for Christ and to equip them to serve His church. We want
to emulate and share Christ, who gives hope to the hopeless, forgiveness to the sinful,
mercy to the wicked, grace to the undeserving, belonging to the outcast, love to the
Religious Studies Student Association Visit “The Department of Religious Studies promotes descriptive and comparative studies
of religion by describing and analyzing cross-cultural beliefs, practices, and institutions,
both past and present.”
Runners and Disciples in Christ and Love Visit “The purposes of this organization are to unite female and male students that have
a passion for Christ and running, have weekly runs for all skill levels and to host
events for members and non-members throughout the year. “
The Church at Tuscaloosa College Ministry Visit “Our hope is to offer students a place close to campus where they can worship, grow,
and serve God’s kingdom and the Tuscaloosa community. We value our college students
and believe that they are the heartbeat of the local church.”
The Impact Movement Visit “Our Mission: to take the truth of Jesus Christ to the Campus, Community and World
by developing leaders of African descent who are SPIRITUALLY FOCUSED, FINANCIALLY
The Navigators Visit “The Navigators is to be an interdenominational, student, Christian organization seeking
to meet the spiritual needs of students, and to be actively engaging in community
service projects in Tuscaloosa County and around the region.”
The Well UA Visit “The purpose of this association is to inspire students to become active agents of
redemption throughout the entire world. “
Tide 4 Christ Visit “The purpose of this organization is to strive to minister to the students of the
University of Alabama, Shelton State Community College, and Stillman College today
to edify the Christian servant leaders in the world tomorrow.”
Trinity United Methodist Church College Ministry Visit “Provide college students the opportunity to fellowship with other students, discuss
and learn about Methodism and faith in general and serve the campus and community.”
Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Church Visit “The purpose of our organization is to help the Chinese students in University of
Alabama and provide them with opportunities to accept God’s gospel.”
Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Fellowship Visit “The purposes of this organization are to promote the Christian faith of students,
faculty, staff, and their families at the University of Alabama, by providing opportunities
for the spiritual growth, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship training.”
Vedic Society “To present the eastern spiritual philosophy to the west in order to raise understanding
between the two and help all people discern spirit from matter, the eternal soul from
UKirk Visit “We’re actually part of a larger network of PC (USA) campus ministries (called UKirk
Ministries) which seeks to reach, teach, and love college students so that they may
be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Locally, though, we are a ministry of First
Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa.”
University Christian Ministry Visit “The University Christian Ministry is a group of college students and young adults
pursuing God, maturing a relationship with Jesus Christ and sharing faith with others.”
University Lutheran Church Student Group Visit “The purpose of the University Lutheran Church Student Group is to provide a Lutheran
identity on the campus of the University of Alabama through witness, worship, fellowship,
hospitality, recreation and service.”
Young Life Tuscaloosa Visit “The specific purpose shall be to introduce adolescents in the Tuscaloosa area to
the person of Jesus Christ and help them grow in their relationship with Him by providing
strong, positive influences in their lives.”
Young Women for America Visit “The mission of YWA is to train the next generation to protect and promote political
Biblical values among all citizens through prayer, education, and by influencing our
society- thereby reversing the decline in moral values in our nation.”
Youth for Christ Visit “Through Youth for Christ we facilitate Campus Life and Teen Moms programs. Campus
Life is a high/middle school ministry that gives college students opportunities to
use their gifts by mentoring and presenting the love of Jesus.”
Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) at UA Visit “Our purpose is to organize students to advocate for sexual and reproductive justice
on the local, state and national levels.”
Spectrum: University of Alabama’s LGBTQA+ Student Organization “The mission of Spectrum is to promote community for LGBTQ+ individuals; advocate
for their equality on campus, state, and national levels; and make a positive impact
on the Tuscaloosa community.”
OUTLaw Visit “Our goals are to provide a community and social network for LGBT-identified people
within the Law School, to provide opportunities and connections for member of the
Law School community who are interested in LGBT rights, to bring the Law School community’s
attention to issues of special concern to the LGBT community and to serve as a bridge
between Alabama students, law school alumni and the legal profession at large.”