Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

We encourage you to learn more about various holy days and cultural observances and to use this resource as you plan your calendar and consider making accommodations for your students and employees. Religious observances listed below are among major holidays of various faiths. These dates are gathered from various sources. Lunar calendars vary based on religion.

While we attempt to be inclusive, we realize not all religions are represented below.

Christian Holidays Fact Sheet

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Muslim Holidays Fact Sheet

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Fall Semester 2023

Aug. 30                       Raksha Bandhan (Hindu – festival, celebrates bond between brother and sister)

Sept. 6-7                     Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu – festival, birth of Hindu god Krishna)

Sept. 15-17                 Rosh Hashanah* (Jewish – New Year, first of Jewish High Holy Days)

Sept. 24-25                 Yom Kippur* (Jewish – Day of Atonement, holiest day in Judaism)

Sept. 29-Oct.6            Sukkot* (Jewish – Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Booths)

Oct. 6-8                       Shemini Atzeret* & Simchat Torah* (Jewish – culmination of the High Holiday season)

Oct. 15-23                   Navaratri (Hindu – autumnal festival)

Nov. 12                        Diwali* (Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain – festival of lights)

Dec. 7-15                     Hanukkah (Jewish – festival of lights)

Dec. 25                        Christmas (Christian – birth of Jesus Christ)

Spring Semester 2024

Feb. 10                         Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year* (Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist – most important, spring festival)

March 11-April 9        Ramadan (Islamic – faith through fasting/prayer)

March 23-24               Purim (Jewish – commemorates saving of Jewish people from annihilation)

March 25                     Holi (Hindu – Festival of Colors, Love and Spring)

March 28                     Maundy Thursday (Christian – Last Supper of Jesus w/Apostles)

March 29                     Good Friday (Christian – crucifixion of Jesus Christ)

March 31                     Easter* (Christian – resurrection of Jesus Christ)

April 10                        Eid al-Fitr* (Islamic – break the fast, last day of Ramadan)

April 22-30                  Passover* (Jewish – exodus of Israelites from Egypt)

May 5-6                       Yom HaSho’ah (Jewish – Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Summer 2024

June 11-13                  Shavout* (Jewish – receipt of Torah on Mount Sinai)

June 27-28                  Eid al-Adha* (Islamic – major festival, make sacrifices for faith)

* Holiday with significant work restriction

Jewish days begin and end at sundown.