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Our Bama

Imani Williams
Imani Williams

A poem by Imani Williams, UA graduate assistant

Welcome to Tuscaloosa

Some call us Title town

Around the SEC

Because we

Have so many championships

I am often asked about the Tide

People wonder what they have to do

To be the MVP

Or wear a crimson colored jersey

I tell them the truth

All you have to do is be you

We love every player

For the individual personality they possess

For the perseverance they have

When they are put to the test

We cheer each player who helps the next

Off of the ground

We support the players who have a high moral character

When no one is around

We are number one because

Uniqueness is what we use

Everyone is a star

And all you have to do is be you

The standard for the sec

We produce legends

That rewrite history

How will you change the world

We’re waiting for your

From scholars to sports

There’s an excellence we exude

When the walk of champions is on your 40 yard dash to class

You can’t help but feel home

Your classmates become friends

Your friends become family

So when you leave you will never

Feel alone

This is our Bama

So just know

There is no one on this campus

Who can change it like you

So have fun while your here

Wear a mask and stay safe

Make memories that will last forever

Respecting COVID guidelines is how we

Can all stay Tide Together

I hope you had an amazing first day.

I am excited for the change the semester will bring

Welcome to the University of Alabama

Welcome to the winning team