What is Our Bama?

Our Bama is a multicultural yield event for diverse students admitted to The University of Alabama. The Division of Diversity. Equity and Inclusion will collaborate with Admissions and Student Life to host this event for admitted – but not committed – diverse students. While events like Our Bama are a common practice on many campuses. this is the second year the event has been hosted on our campus. We have invited diverse students (defined as African American, Native American, Hispanic and Asian American) and one of their parents/guardians to our campus for a daylong visit.

How was Our Bama selected as the name?

We sought input from students, faculty and staff who work closely with students to find a name that embodies the essence of what we hope to capture on this day. Chosen from a slate of approximately 18 ideas, Our Bama was the overall favorite.

Aren’t we already doing other on-campus yield events this year?

Yes, we are. While open to any student, Our Bama is intentionally designed for admitted diverse students and their families. The experience will allow students and parents the opportunity to ask culturally specific questions and to experience the campus through the lens of students, alumni, faculty and staff who may have a similar cultural experience as our invited guests.

Why are we having Our Bama?

The research has shown several things about recruiting and yielding diverse students to a campus. In addition to other marketing initiatives, there are generally three key factors that diverse students utilize in their decision-making process:

  • Quality of academic program
  • Competitiveness of the financial aid packaging
  • A positive campus experience – one in which “I can see myself “

Students want to feel wanted. We have strong academic programs, competitive awards and a beautiful campus. This visit provides an opportunity to show The University of Alabama at its best.

Here are other distinctions the literature has shown as related to families of color:

  • The decision-making about selecting a college tends to be more of a family decision for students of color, compared to Caucasian.
  • As we reclaim and reframe our public narrative about DEI, we want students and families to see The University of Alabama in 2021 rather than the image of the “Stand in the Schoolhouse.” We are a very different campus. This experience is designed to assist with that process.
  • The event allows parents and students to “comfortably ask” questions that are culturally specific relative to the anticipated experiences for life at UA.

When is Our Bama?

Our Bama will occur on Saturday, March 20, 2021, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. in the Bryant Conference Center.

Who is invited?

Invitations were sent to admitted diverse students in Alabama and other states.

For more information, contact the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 205-348-2053 or diversity@ua.edu.