IDC Signature Programs

Food for Thought

Focuses monthly on the different heritage months, addressing the rich and diverse traditions, art, and histories of various cultures. The programs include presentations, demonstrations and more 

Social Justice Movie Series

Features biweekly films in observance of commemorative months and highlight art, history, current events and more  

TEDTalk Tuesdays designTed Talk Tuesdays

Shown every 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month focusing on different commemorative months and heritage days that may not receive the same visibility as others. Ted Talks connect with the student body, faculty and staff to view a keynote at their own pace (in-person or virtually) and shares unique perspectives.

Study Breaks

Provide an opportunity for students to decompress and take a break from studying and final examination preparation while providing study tips, resources to aid in studying, healthy snacks, exclusive giveaways and more 

Tide & Turf Tailgates and Watch Parties

Features a multitude of community building events for the Alabama Crimson Tide including an exclusive skybox experience with catered food, giveaways and tradition

Commemorative Month Presentations

One Little Girl: Denise McNair and the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Exhibit

Serve as passive programming under the programming and engagement model that provide a pathway for participants to obtain information at their own pace for each heritage month  

Commemorative Exhibits

Observe all heritage months throughout the year and align with annual themes of each month, telling individual stories and providing overarching information about various multicultural groups 

For more information on IDC programs, hiring and volunteer opportunities, contact the Intercultural Diversity Center at or 205-348-9029.