Bama Indigenous Student Organization Network Graduation Celebration

Bama Indigenous Student Organization Network, commonly called BISON, celebrated the graduation of several of its members in early May in the Intercultural Diversity Center. The purpose of the organization is to support and represent the indigenous population at UA. Graduates were recognized for their accomplishments and their future plans, then presented with stoles handcrafted by artisans affiliated with the University of Oregon’s Native American Student Union.

Recognized at the ceremony were the following:

  • Bella Cross, public relations major, wants to pursue her dream job in Miami.
  • Kelsie Grace Embler, advertising major, plans to move to Charlotte, NC.
  • Amber Manitowabi-Huebner, master’s degree, Marquette, MI
  • Katherine Rose Johnston, kinesiology major with an exercise science concentration, will be applying for DPT/MPH programs, attending school and working within her tribe.
  • Stephen Shol, communications major, would like to pursue a doctorate.
  • Kiana Younker, dance major, will pursue an MFA and MBA in arts management at UA.

Advisers for the group (shown in the first photo below) are Dr. Mairin Odle, associate professor and director of graduate studies for the UA Department of American Studies, and Dr. Heather Miyano Kopelson, associate professor for the UA Department of History.

(Photos and information courtesy of BISON)